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After trying out a few other clubs, Rikka calls on her similarly delusional friend from the school's middle school department, Sanae Dekomori, to join as well. Despite lacking a fifth member, the teacher offers them a provisional clubroom on the condition that they clean it up and recommends them as a circle. As she burns the book, revealing her true nature that she only joined the club to get rid of it, she is shocked to learn Sanae has multiple copies.

Shinka reluctantly decides to stay in the group until she can finally destroy all of the evidence. Cross Hard Study " Transcription: " Sokubaku no After scoring a dreadfully low score on her maths test, Rikka is faced with her circle being disbanded if she fails her next one.

Rikka tries to improve the circle's status by volunteering to clean the pool but, due to playing around, it backfires, with the maths teacher deciding Rikka will need to match the class average to keep her circle.

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Messiah Innocent " Transcription: " Shokuzai no As Makoto is promptly told by Shinka to forget what he saw, he accidentally drops his notepad, containing a ranking of the girls in school. It is soon found by one of the girls and is brought to the class' attention, which Makoto reluctantly owns up to in order to protect the other boys, unintentionally offering to shave his head in apology.

After being forced to go through with it, Makoto goes to the meeting point, but the writer doesn't show. Just the Two of Them" Transcription: " Futari dake no During the afterparty, Rikka gets on stage and performs a song her father liked, before taking off her eyepatch to reveal she is no longer wearing her contact.

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

However, Sanae is less than happy about it, especially when Rikka announces she is disbanding the club. Some time after Rikka returns to the school, the gang has a Christmas party at Sanae's mansion.

However, the situation gets even more hectic when Rikka and Sanae get drunk upon eating some liquor cake. In junior high school, Rikka's friend Tomo has to deal with Rikka's slow descent into delusion.

Kumin talks about her hobby of sleeping and her observations of the other club members. Shinka and Sanae get into a heated water balloon fight against each other. Rikka and Sanae face each other in an epic mecha battle.

Six hours prior to the events of the previous episode, Rikka confronts Sanae as she boards her ultimate mech. Following the previous episode, Rikka dodges Sanae's advances and boards her own ultimate mech, returning fire. A flashback reveals that Rikka betrayed her army because her superiors ordered her to attack civilians. Afterwards, Rikka and Sanae continue their fight. While fighting, a glimpse shows Sanae and Rikka being happy together.

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Sanae plans to kill both of them. As the fight continues, Sanae and Rikka end up with a final standoff. But in the end, Rikka turned off her mech, thus losing the battle. In reality, Sanae and Rikka were just fighting in the clubroom while wearing boxes. This ends with tickling. A retelling of the first series, told from Rikka's perspective, which also provides a transition between the two seasons.

Rikka is 18 and in the last year of high school. But she still acts like she is in puberty. Lovers Contract " Transcription: " Iruka no After Yuta is left reeling from a lewd dream about Rikka, he ends up losing a bet against her and is forced to dress up as a magical girl. Later that day, Rikka encounters the girl from before, who is revealed to be Yuta's old friend during middle school and the one who led him to enter his chunibyo phase, Satone Shichimiya. As Satone is invited over to dinner that night, Rikka becomes angry over her getting awfully clingy to Yuta, particularly when she does her old habit of rubbing her nose against Yuta's.

After seeing Satone off, Yuta reassures Rikka by initiating a 'contract' of his own. Shinka decides to run for student council president, but her candidacy campaign proves difficult due to Sanae constantly interfering.

Later, it is also revealed that Satone had gone to the same middle school as Shinka and was well versed in her identity as Mori Summer. Sanae, now convinced that Shinka is the genuine article, starts acting more polite and affectionate towards Shinka, who has her help out with her election campaign. However, this soon turns out to backfire against Shinka when Sanae uses notes from her chunibyo days as an endorsement speech.

As such, Shinka fails to get elected and Sanae goes back to believing she is a fake, bringing their relationship back to the status quo. When a Hobby Group Representative Meeting is held to determine which hobby groups should be allowed to keep their rooms, Rikka's failed presentation of what the 'Far Eastern Magic Napping Society in Summer' does exactly leads their supervisor, Nanase Tsukumo, to investigate what they actually use their room for.

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Nanase points out the 'napping' part of their group is actually a notable pastime, suggesting they have a 'siesta match' against Maple Hill High School's Siesta Club to serve as an official activity for their group. On the way home, they are approached by Maple Hill's Sui Nemuri, who sparks a rivalry with Kumin, with Rikka rushingly adding she will disband her society if they lose.

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Thus, Kumin begins training the others in the art of napping, teaching them to sleep in any situation. Finding sleeping at will to be much harder than they thought, Yuuta suggests they stay awake the entire night so they'll be more tired on the day of the contest, with Satone joining their activities, though they end up falling asleep anyway. Supported Devices. Hey there, we see that you're running an ad-blocker and may be blocking ads on AnimeLab. By simply adding AnimeLab to your ad-blocker's whitelist you'll be ensuring that we can keep streaming free anime. Alternatively, why not get rid of ads forever by upgrading your account to Premium?

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Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

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Season 1 12 Episodes. E1 Chance Encounter E2 Priestess E4 Regret of E5 A Binding Hard Study Rikka and Yuta face their low grades, and their club is fingered as the culprit! E6 The Atoned Innocent Rikka makes club uniforms for everyone, further humiliating Yuta; the tension between Nibutani and Dekomori continues to grow.

E7 Reminiscences E8 Exiled Just the Two of Them After refusing to face the truth about her father, Rikka "retreats" to her home with Yuta in tow. E9 A Confused Chaos Heart The school festival is on, and amidst Shinka's attempts to turn their club into something legitimate, Rikka battles strange feelings.