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For 70 years, the light a Harvard president helped ignite has continued to burn. Entire movements have sprung to extinguish it, as have generations of academics; neither have succeeded. These days, news broadcasts about potential nuclear threats from North Korea are frequent, but they do not dominate campus dialogue.

This was not always the case. Truelian Lee recreates Conant's sketches of the first detonation at Alamogordo. Photo: Truelian Lee. Its use as a signal to arouse the people during the French Revolution of was so common that the word has since come to signify any loud sound or call marking the commencement of an important event. Barbara R. Du Bois ' The generation that entered college in the s grew up in the shadow of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Drop and cover drills in school and fallout shelters stocked with rations were part and parcel of daily life.

Her short-term memory is hazy, she says, but her memories of this era are clear. They were thinking about it with a sense of outrage and hopelessness. Goldmark Jr. Peter C. Goldmark ' The nuclear issue—it was just sitting out there, and what was striking was it was relatively unaddressed. There were other college student groups in the country who also focused on nuclear issues at the time. But Tocsin differentiated itself, according to Goldmark, by concentrating on specific policy concerns. We focused where we could be skilled and confident about what we were saying and why and how we were speaking, and where we would have access to people who would hear us and who could act.

Tocsin started small but grew fast. Du Bois remembers sitting on a living room floor creating a poster to attract students at the beginning of the year. A few weeks later The Crimson reported that about people came out for the first Tocsin meeting, held in Quincy House in Oct. Todd A. He says he had no prior protest experience.

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Gitlin ' Photo: Courtesy of Harvard Yearbook Publications That October, he stood in the middle of Quincy dining hall wearing an anti-nuke button. Robert E. During that first October meeting, Tocsin leaders distributed sheets with two dozen specific proposed student actions.


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Others were less supportive. This is a democracy! On the cover of 'The Tocsin' following the Project Washington march. Photo: Courtesy of Harvard University Archives. The Crimson reported that 2, students were expected to come from across the country, of which of which were expected to be from Harvard and Radcliffe. In preparation for Project Washington, Tocsin members watched a film of a protest march in England.

They also hosted seminar sessions to educate themselves on disarmament issues and wrote policy papers and proposals.

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Not only would Tocsin members be marching, but some would also talk to members of the Kennedy administration about disarmament, in particular arguing for the U. If the U.

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The students needed to make sure their positions were focused and solid. Hans J. Morgentheau, then a professor of Political Science at University of Chicago who had served as a visiting professor in Government from , analyzed the situation in a Jan. Christopher A. Sims ' Buses left from in front of Claverly Hall at 9 p.

Du Bois laughs as she recalls the transportation. It had also been snowing on and off the whole week.

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Gitlin decided to drive down to D. But a little snow was a small price to pay. No one seems to know definitively how many people were at the march. But for Tocsin, looking serious was the first step to serious action. Marchers were encouraged to dress in regular suits and to wear ties according to a Feb. Gitlin numbered among the students who met with officials in Washington. He says the group earned a positive reception from the administration of John F.

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